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Understanding Precious Metals & Diamonds

The gold buying stores want to say, "don't go to pawn shops to sell your precious metals." The truth is this: Reputable pawnshops pay way more than jewelry stores and gold buying places.

Here's why: At a jewelry store they only sell one thing - moments and memories. Those aren't things you can put a price sticker on. Since the only area of income is jewelry, they have have a higher mark-up and pay less for what they buy. They don't have a way to spread their overhead.

It's the same with a stand alone gold and precious metals buying business. They have to pay less so they make more when they sell, to pay their bills.

We will tell you what we will pay per gram with a phone call. Try and get one of our competitors to do that! They'll come up with every excuse in the book not to tell you. Precious metals are not a game, it is a mathematical calculation and they know exactly what they can pay you. They just won't tell you! If that's how you want to do business, then you will not get a fair price for your metals.

If you would like a quote, call us today. Our pricing is based on the trading price of precious metals and is updated as shown by the ticker below.

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